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Racist Tacos

I don't think I have ever been outraged at what I considered to be a racist comment by anyone on the internet. If I see a truly ignorant and shameful comment about a race or a group, I typically dismiss the commenter as just that: ignorant and shameful. I also find many of the people who cry "racist" to be ignorant or just caught up in their idea of what is right.
In the exchange above I cried "racist!" only to get the ball rolling, I guess. I mean, based on what people consider to be racist these days, this definitely falls into that category. Not because it's insulting, but because it makes assumptions about a nationality (I've learned that the antiquated definition of the word "race" is now obsolete, and that racist doesn't have to deal with someone of one of the old-timey "races" of Caucasoid, Negroid and Mongoloid.
People who post things like this know that someone is going to call it racist. As soon as they see it, they co…