I guess it’s human nature to never be satisfied. It’s what causes us to create & invent, to strive to improve our lives. Unfortunately having millions of people all striving to make the world better in their own opinion causes a lot of clashes with other members of the human race. One idea might get a large group of followers, but that group, as they move forward with their plan, will soon run into another group whose ideas don’t fit with theirs. That’s when wars happen.
In any case, this striving for improvement begins at the individual level. The result being that if you can’t find a group who agrees with you, chances are you’re going to sit around miserable & unsatisfied.
Consider this scenario:
A man gets a job. It’s an entry-level position with minimum pay. At first he’s glad to have a job. Once he’s settled in, he starts wondering why he has to do all the dirty work. He wants a better position. If he works hard enough he moves up a notch. He’s happy for a minu…

Overheard in the bathroom stall

It was like in the movies. I went into the bathroom and settled into a stall. Two people walked in and I recognized their voices. Friends of mine since I was a teenager. And at that moment they decided to start talking about me. I wouldn't put it past them to recognize it was me in the stall, perhaps by my Clarks, and say something about me just as a joke. But what they said was far too subtle for that. It was more whiny-bitchy sort of talk that typically goes on behind someone's back. One of the two is known for having nothing good to say about most things that are generally appreciated by others. And the other of the two is more likely to talk in a manner suited to the person he's talking to. It got me thinking. I mean, I've been doing a lot of things differently lately. The more responsibility I get at work the harder I try, and the more I want to succeed. I did my years as one of those oh-so-edgy artist types who demean all things and like only wildly unpopular t…

OPINION: Income Inequality and Gun Control - a view from ignorance

There are things wrong with our country. There always will be. There are a number of reasons for this. Foremost is the reason that "wrong" is subjective and someone will always be dissatisfied no matter what we do. Beyond that, there are just so many different things happening at once in a thriving and evolving nation such as this.
I only want to touch on a couple of the items that are disrupting the happiness of our citizens right now. First of all there is the income inequality and the fact that the big money basically owns the government. This is a status that we cannot easily overcome, largely because of the truth in the old adage, "money talks..." It's hard to compete with the loud mouth of money when the people who stand to gain from corporations maintaining control have most of it, and the majority of Americans, who would benefit from a more equitable arrangement, have less money than the few doing all the talking. It's a hard nut to crack, especial…

Funny story, this song.

I wrote a song a few years before this which said, "there's room for one more, and it's not gonna be you." I couldn't tell you who that was about because I just don't remember. This one, based on that idea, is clear.

I had a girlfriend, and I usually take that pretty seriously. I've always been the sort who knew he'd eventually want to settle down. I had one ex-girlfriend tell me that I "see everyone as a potential mate." Over the years of reflection I think I know what she meant, and I think she was right.

So I was seeing this woman, and one day she said she had a video for me to watch. Without going into details, I found out that day that I was not the only man she was seeing. She told me as though it was pretty matter-of-fact, and that's just how she does things. But I had to wonder, if she thought it was all routine and acceptable, why was she hiding it from me?

So I told her I would try and roll …


There are more than one hundred billion stars in our galaxy. There are over 100 billion galaxies that we are aware of. 100 billion squared gives an awfully big number.

One thing we've seen is that the laws of physics result in the same processes happening throughout space as we know it. Matter and gasses coalesce and create stars, some additional matter of much less mass accrue to become planets and moons. Seeing the recurring patterns of stars, systems and galaxies, we know that the same kind of things are happening throughout the universe. Just look at our solar system. Consistencies, such as planets orbiting the star in the same direction, moons around those planets, terrestrial inners, gas outers. Where there are over ten sextillion stars, there are going to be other instances of them having planets. We have begun to see evidence of that, measuring dips in stars' brightness as planets pass in front of them and eclipse them; the "wobble" of a star being influenced…

Dissed-Appointed / Unappointed

If you don't respect me enough to want to be a part of what I'm doing, that's fine. You're under no obligation. But to sign on, say you'll do it, then cancel 45 minutes before the start of the show, that's worse than useless. I'm not even going to say, "just say 'no' next time rather than leave me hanging." I'll save you the trouble. I just won't ask again. Message received. Moving on...

Another disclaimer

These posts are purely opinion; they represent thoughts that I had in a moment, maybe for a period. I will be held accountable for the things I've said here but I will not be held to any of these opinions. My opinions evolve as I learn and grow and I would hope that my opinions continue to change. I don't trust people who are convinced they have all the answers and refuse to be swayed, convinced, or to learn anything new.

However I felt when I wrote each of these was how I felt then. I may or may not still feel that way now but I reserve the right to change my opinion. I will answer for anything I've said here. My answer may be "I'm sorry, I get it now, I was wrong" but my response may well be "but what about...?"

Sometimes I write things that I do not mean. Sometimes I use sarcasm. That's like when I say something so absurdly not possible as though it was a good idea and what we should all want. It's a form of humor. Again, my opinion.

So …