Happy New Year Birthday

Happy birthday.
I know this is unwarranted and of course you are free to ignore it. I do apologise if this is a crass intrusion on your personal life.
I was a big fan of the Rosemarys in the '90s and I really loved the two albums I had. A part of me wants to hear that some of the sweeter songs were written about that lovely woman you married, and that this dreamy kind of love can be real.
There is also a part of me that gets really excited when I log on to Facebook to see that Tim Ong liked (or commented on!!) one of my posts. Kind of star struck by it. Ah, who am I kidding? It's not a part of me, it's all of me.
Back when my band Orange Cones broke up my drummer and I went looking for a replacement. By chance I came across Ian Parks. We met him in what I presume to be his studio, and we played a few songs together. This was about the time he was putting together his Frogtown Folk thing. Unfortunately we were both set on doing our own thing and not joining someone else&#…

Racist Cousin

This is a tough one. It's like the "fight back" scenario except that the racist talk is coming from the one dating a black guy. Neither of them seems to see the problem with it, but we don't want our daughter exposed to this kind of talk. What then? It's already a tenuous relationship with this cousin, but he thinks it's fine to make the jokes because he's dating a black guy. How do we tell him that it's just not okay?, avoidance is the obvious option, but we've been avoiding him for years now, and he just extended the proverbial olive branch, and now we're invited to his house for holiday dinner. We don't want to refuse because it's hard on the aunt, but we don't like the constant racial slurs, at all but especially in front of our kid who we are raising to not make all these distinctions between people. There's no point for it in the …

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Do we still acknowledge Pearl Harbor Day? I won't say celebrate. We never celebrated it. But we remembered it. Because we lost a lot of Americans that day. Is it okay for us to have a day of remembrance for our fallen soldiers? Or is it considered a hate crime? Can we remember this tragedy, this time when we fell victim to a brutal attack? Well, considering we dropped two atomic bombs on them for it kind of makes us even.

Japan: killed 2403 Americans
America: killed around 250,000 Japanese

That's approximately 100 times as many deaths.

"If you don't like guns, don't buy one."

That's a pretty asinine statement. It's not owning guns that we have a problem with, it's all the other people owning them that's a problem, and that's driving us to keep them just in case we need to protect ourselves from the psychos who love their guns too much.

It's not even that I don't like guns. I actually like them quite a bit. But I'm willing to sacrifice my right to own any ol' type of gun I want for the sake of our future. Cut down the gun violence, let the mothers and brothers and children and so forth have a chance at life like we have had. Someone's right to live should not be trumped by someone else's right to own killing machines.

Mass shootings are a problem, and more guns is not the answer. It will only lead to death from more directions. These people whose brains are stuck in this gear, who can't see any other way besides the freedom to be a dumbfuck are really putting a crick in my spine.
Here's another one:

So this…

Caring What People Think

Is this kind of attitude helpful for anyone's cause? This was posted by a Black rights group on Facebook.

This was my response:

"Why wouldn't you say "stop caring what racists think"? Racists aren't only white. As you've proven with this post. But then what do you care what I think? Hate is hate, and I see a lot of it here. Hating people with progressive attitudes, who believe that our future is in our hands. You're not helping yourself."

One of the hallmarks of the idiotic Rump supporters is their inability to use the language correctly. The lowest common denominator. They routinely include misspellings, wrong words, bad punctuation and structure, and generally make themselves look uneducated.

In general, I find that the more eloquent, well-spoken people tend to be more progressive.

In the comments under the above post I noted similar generalities, such as those whose message was clear and accurate tended to be more progressive, saying that su…

Las Vegas: another nail in the gun rights coffin?

Now that we are once again visiting the topic of gun control, sadly via the only way it seems to be acknowledged, I confess to much ignorance and indecision on the subject. On the one hand I clearly recognize the FACT that assault-type weapons (fully-automatic, semi-auto with extended magazines, etc.) have no place in the hands of the average citizen. The Second Amendment clearly states that a "well-regulated militia" is necessary to protect the freedoms of the people, and I would hardly call every redneck with a pickup truck "well-regulated." These types of weapons are virtually NEVER used to great effect in instances of gun violence, where a citizen with an assault weapon stopped a criminal shooter (see this). The argument that more guns prevents gun violence is just completely absurd (see this). The argument that "criminals will get guns anyway" doesn't defend against people who are NOT criminals, but who are driven to such violence through thing…

This Guy

Forty some years of remaining expressionless has helped keep that youthful look within reach. Those worry lines are starting to show up though. And the grey hair is somewhat of a giveaway. No, I'm not going bald, my forehead's always been this big.
My nosehairs grow incredibly fast.
I mentioned in a previous post that the most embarrassing thing I could think of about myself was the tattoo on my forearm. But I'm owning that. Besides, I thought of something possibly worse.
I was a bed-wetter. Looking back on it now, it would be nice to be able to blame it on the undiagnosed epilepsy. But I'm pretty sure I know better. I don't know exactly why it happened, but it made sleepovers very difficult. 
When I was probably 11 years old I regularly slept on a damp, urine-soaked mattress that I didn't even change the sheets on. I didn't take showers in the morning. I just went to school smelling like pee. I didn't know it, but some of the other kids had a nickna…