"If you don't like guns, don't buy one."

That's a pretty asinine statement. It's not owning guns that we have a problem with, it's all the other people owning them that's a problem, and that's driving us to keep them just in case we need to protect ourselves from the psychos who love their guns too much.

It's not even that I don't like guns. I actually like them quite a bit. But I'm willing to sacrifice my right to own any ol' type of gun I want for the sake of our future. Cut down the gun violence, let the mothers and brothers and children and so forth have a chance at life like we have had. Someone's right to live should not be trumped by someone else's right to own killing machines.

Mass shootings are a problem, and more guns is not the answer. It will only lead to death from more directions. These people whose brains are stuck in this gear, who can't see any other way besides the freedom to be a dumbfuck are really putting a crick in my spine.

Here's another one:

So th…

You better do some defending

If you're still defending the right of Americans to own any and all guns that they want, you're letting your selfish desires take precedence over the lives of countless innocent people. Giving a gun to everybody so that nobody has an advantage over anyone else is an unquestionably foolhardy thing to suggest. Those of you who insist you need to keep guns in case you need to go up against the government one day, I seriously doubt you'd be one to charge into battle, guns blazing. You're a big tough guy with your gun in peacetime, but let's see you back up your talk when the bullets are flying.

Offended by Neutral

We were riding in the car and I had the temperature set to center for the blend of hot and cold.
As soon as somebody mentioned the temperature I said "what do you want to be? how should I set it? I've got it in the middle right now" and you said "of course you do" in a nasty way.
What about that do you take offense to? That I'm content with the temperature? That I'm comfortable? You're offended by neutral?

Wrong about gun control

So I might be wrong about this whole gun control thing.

Typically I like to remain open to the possibility that I'm wrong about things. I know I've said before that I'm not so completely sure of many things in life.

I know that my reaction to these school shootings has been to encourage people to consider gun control of some sort. It hasn't even been that specific, just some general concepts. The gun people draw the line at the very extreme. While many of our "rights" are considered with a certain amount of flexibility, in a "pick your battles" sort of way, the gun people refuse to flex even the littlest bit. Any semblance of trying to make our country safer in connection to guns is met with zero tolerance. That's scary. There is A LOT they are not telling us.

But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I need to stop looking at it like someone who believes we should relinquish this gun right and is looking for ways to communicate that. Maybe I need to look …

Another disclaimer

These posts are purely opinion; they represent thoughts that I had in a moment, maybe for a period. I will be held accountable for the things I've said here but I will not be held to any of these opinions. My opinions evolve as I learn and grow and I would hope that my opinions continue to change. I don't trust people who are convinced they have all the answers and refuse to be swayed, convinced, or to learn anything new.  However I felt when I wrote each of these was how I felt then. I may or may not still feel that way now but I reserve the right to change my opinion. I will answer for anything I've said here. My answer may be "I'm sorry, I get it now, I was wrong" but my response may well be "but what about...?"
Sometimes I write things that I do not mean. Sometimes I use sarcasm. That's like when I say something so absurdly not possible as though it was a good idea and what we should all want. It's a form of humor. Again, my opinion.  S…

Happy New Year Birthday

Happy birthday.
I know this is unwarranted and of course you are free to ignore it. I do apologise if this is a crass intrusion on your personal life.
I was a big fan of the Rosemarys in the '90s and I really loved the two albums I had. A part of me wants to hear that some of the sweeter songs were written about that lovely woman you married, and that this dreamy kind of love can be real.
There is also a part of me that gets really excited when I log on to Facebook to see that Tim Ong liked (or commented on!!) one of my posts. Kind of star struck by it. Ah, who am I kidding? It's not a part of me, it's all of me.
Back when my band Orange Cones broke up my drummer and I went looking for a replacement. By chance I came across Ian Parks. We met him in what I presume to be his studio, and we played a few songs together. This was about the time he was putting together his Frogtown Folk thing. Unfortunately we were both set on doing our own thing and not joining someone else&#…

Racist Cousin

This is a tough one. It's like the "fight back" scenario except that the racist talk is coming from the one dating a black guy. Neither of them seems to see the problem with it, but we don't want our daughter exposed to this kind of talk. What then? It's already a tenuous relationship with this cousin, but he thinks it's fine to make the jokes because he's dating a black guy. How do we tell him that it's just not okay?, avoidance is the obvious option, but we've been avoiding him for years now, and he just extended the proverbial olive branch, and now we're invited to his house for holiday dinner. We don't want to refuse because it's hard on the aunt, but we don't like the constant racial slurs, at all but especially in front of our kid who we are raising to not make all these distinctions between people. There's no point for it in the …