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Update 16 June

Delilah's birthday party was pretty great. Unfortunately I got hit with a pretty bad flu bug or something that morning, so I felt crappy all day, & went home after the party & slept for probably 18 hours. I broke a fever & had tons of snot. Over that now. I'm feeling pretty good lately. I wrote a couple of new songs, & my bro Martinez is learning one of them. I'm having fun playing them, & I've been bringing my guitar to work.
Something's wrong with Emily's car, so I've been letting her take my car for the last couple weeks & I've been driving the faulty car because I can work with it. So it's kind of nice, thinking of her in all that luxury. & her car is not bad in general, so when we switch back I don't need to feel guilty about having the nice new car again. Besides, my commute is a lot longer than hers, so I spend more time in the car.
Delilah is growing so much, she's tall, she's talking. It&#…