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E.T. Life

NASA Science News for Jan. 26, 2011

 Evidence is mounting that Saturn's moon Enceladus harbors a bubbly subterranean ocean where conditions might be friendly to life.

Wow. Think how interesting this could be. Here we are on Earth, being largely deluded about being the only life in the universe, let alone our solar system, & yet there may be life on a moon of one of our local planets.
Imagine spending your entire life on a body where the sun doesn't rise & set each day, but where the sun is a distant speck in the constant night sky, & where the dominant astronomical feature is a giant bluish planet with fancy rings on it (which you would likely see mostly edge-on & so wouldn't completely understand the nature of). You would orbit this bluish planet, & you wouldn't know what it was like to be so close to heat & light like Earth is. You likely wouldn't understand the whole planet concept; you wouldn't realize that you were orbiting the…

Don't call me Shirley

I got a distressing message from my former bass player saying nobody wanted to play with him. I told him I did. I never asked him to leave the band. So we got the gang back together last week & it felt good. It feels like there's still a lot to do, but it feels like it's definitely do-able. I'm looking forward to getting good & tight again, & putting on some good shows here & there. Please make sure & let me know if you need a band to play somewhere. Check out some of our stuff here:
It's the section labeled as "Orange Cones," as that is the lineup once again. We're adding quite a few cover songs to our set list. Some you will have heard before, others you surely have not.