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Lowe down dirty criminal

For our "wooden anniversary" I bought a birdhouse and a set of paints and brushes that we could use together. She got me these great wood-handled steak knives. Just after our "copper anniversary" we finally got around to painting it. Afterward she realized that, if we're going to put it outside, we would need to finish it with a lacquer or shellac to protect the paint. So we stopped in at Lowe's today before our shopping trip at Sam's Club. We found a can of shellac and bought it. On our way out we were passing the entrance door on the outside when a young guy came barreling out pushing a shopping cart with two Dyson vacuum cleaners in it. He almost ran into me. I said, "woah, excuse me" and he just kept charging by. I said, "hey, small child here!" when I noticed Delilah was not stopping to let him go by. I heard him say "sorry" but he kept going. I heard someone else around us say something, either to him or to us, but I …