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My year in Facebook status updates

A friend of mine did this, & I thought it was a neat idea. Not being clever, just stealing. Obviously not all-inclusive, as there's still a week and a half in the year.

David Coutant is in 2010. where are you? | January 1 at 10:05am – wonders what Arthur C Clarke would think of our interpretation of his work. | January 1 at 10:08am – just saw a pretty amazing buzzer-beating game-winner by Kobe. Go
Lakers!! | January 1 at 10:19pm – is still kicking. Got 3 fillings last night.
| January 20 at 7:22am – had to do some housecleaning. no offense. | January 23 at 12:49pm – oh Catherine, you make the sun shine brighter. Oh, shine down on me
| January 27 at 7:30am – is looking for a bass player to reform the Orange Cones. | February 1 at 6:18pm – Our baby girl is 9 months old today. | February 28 at 8:30pm – says Death Penalty for John Albert Gardner! | March 4 at 1:09pm – has nothing to say. sorry to have wasted your time. | March 10 at 6:16pm – tried out for a n…

Don't look at me

It takes me posting a video of myself playing a Beatles cover on the ukulele to have YouTube bring up all these “related videos” of Japanese guys making me look like a monkey banging a coconut. Luckily I have a cute kid so people will just watch those videos instead.

Early Christmas

Delilah doing her thing. It was a week and a half before Christmas, & I couldn't wait to give my wife the Kindle I got her, so she picked one for me to open and it was this sweet USB video camera. The baby walks & runs & climbs & slides & wants toys & plays with laundry & gives me the best evil glare ever captured on video at the end.
I think I might propose a new family tradition of opening one (perhaps the best) gift privately the week before Christmas. I kind of like it.

Nothing, just like Seinfeld.

I started writing something to post here, but a few paragraphs into it I realized how wholly inappropriate it is on a number of levels.  If anyone were to see it, that is.  & I've learned from experience that someone always ends up seeing it. 
I'm at Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary School, helping out with a few things.  I just finished vacuuming the library.  Now I guess I should take the chairs down off the tables.  But I'll wait until lunch gets here & see if that's how they want it. 
Another thing I was helping with was typing Emily's homework.  She's almost finished with her current semester of school, during which she took a class which she had already taken & passed & forgotten about, so I guess it's not totally crazy to take it again.  I don't think there was a point during the progression of the semester when she said to herself, "gee, this all seems really familiar."  She was actually meeting with a counselor & …

Love for Sale

Christmas is an exciting time.  We get a day off of work, kids get out of school for a week or so, most people get a bunch of "free" stuff ("free" because in order to get stuff you typically have to have a tradition of giving stuff, so it's not always entirely free), & we get to eat like it's Thanksgiving again.  Family meets with family, people who don't like each other are sometimes more tolerant, and the spirit of giving and kindness which Jesus would want to be his legacy rises in the general population. 
I'm not fond of the commercialization of Christmas, but if it wasn't that it would be something else.  The spirit of giving manifests itself in the retail world as "huge sales" and "clearance offers."  It's often a good opportunity to get stuff you (or loved ones) want for a great discounted price, especially just after Xmas, when the demand is greatly reduced and remaining stock needs to be cleared out.  There …