Nothing, just like Seinfeld.

I started writing something to post here, but a few paragraphs into it I realized how wholly inappropriate it is on a number of levels.  If anyone were to see it, that is.  & I've learned from experience that someone always ends up seeing it. 
I'm at Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary School, helping out with a few things.  I just finished vacuuming the library.  Now I guess I should take the chairs down off the tables.  But I'll wait until lunch gets here & see if that's how they want it. 
Another thing I was helping with was typing Emily's homework.  She's almost finished with her current semester of school, during which she took a class which she had already taken & passed & forgotten about, so I guess it's not totally crazy to take it again.  I don't think there was a point during the progression of the semester when she said to herself, "gee, this all seems really familiar."  She was actually meeting with a counselor & reviewing her education thus far when they discovered that she had already successfully completed one of the courses she was enrolled in.  Funny.  Then she turned in an assignment which she had already turned in the same semester.  She's losing it. 
So I typed up a few assignments for her, & then I started trying to get the "Dad Life" video to load on one of these school library computers.  No luck.  Ah well, I'll get her to see it one day. 
We brought the baby with us after Gymboree so she could hang out with us at the school, but she has done nothing but sleep in a bean bag chair since we got here.  She went with Mommy to get lunch, so she'll probably be awake when they get back. 
So, what, you may ask, am I writing about here?  Nothing.  Just killing time until my sandwich arrives.  Now I'll go play the ukulele, which, by the way, you can see me jamming on on my YouTube channel.  I don't know how to tell you how to get there, but I'm pretty linked up between these accounts, you should be able to find a trail through Google & Facebook & whatnot.  I think one of the videos is called "5/6".


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