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A beautiful thought on a beautiful day

News from the doctor: nothing's happening. I'm going to write a poem now.

when in life's garden
you think you plant a rose
don't be disappointed
if that's not what grows

life is the treasure
not the kind it is
be thankful for what you've got
cuz hey, that's show biz

there's a reason I stopped writing poetry.

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Daddy Munro & the O. Cones

Traffic is slowing, patience is thinning, things are starting late.  Yes, the Cones are out again.  Bottleneck is making the city a tense place to be.  Let go of some steam, loosen your shoulders, stretch your neck, relax.  Daddy Munro & the Orange Cones ( are lightening moods & burdens with their bouncy, smarmy, observational portrayal of life in the twenty-first century in timeless, rhymeless harmony and variety of styles.  In a set including electric independent alt-pop, classic harmonic folk, & synthy, punky goodness, Orange Cones will strike a chord with you in one way or another.  With flavors of Reggae, funk, coffeehouse and Canadian roots rock (?!?) the Cones pay tribute to the likes of The Beatles, Leonard Cohen, Neil Diamond, Lou Reed, Simon & Garfunkel and more. If you haven't been taken to school in a while, come down to Rancho Santa Gertrudes Elementary at 11233 Charlesworth Rd Santa Fe Springs, CA.  Orange Cones …

Delilah on Tube

I downloaded a bunch of videos from my phone. Watch the baby grow up.
Delilah's first time on a playground swing. This is at Central Park, across the street from the Methodist church we are most likely to be seen at. She is still to this day fascinated by watching other kids. It's why we think she needs a little sibling.
This is us watching TV one night.  She's really starting to show the personality she is bursting with now.  A lot of the old videos show her just staring & being mystified by everything.
This is Father's Day 2010.  I ask her, "Is there anything you want to say to Daddy...?" & she says "no."  Then when I say "Okay," she immediately says "Happy."  I think that's what she meant.  She's in the Eddie Bauer carseat in the back of my 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring.

I'm the …