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Dairy Pure

I was driving to my guitar lesson on Thursday. At one point I found myself behind an SUV-type vehicle and I noticed that the license plate frame said "Alta Dena" on the top. Now, I don't know where your local milk comes from, but we see a lot from the Alta Dena Dairy, and the way it was written on this license plate frame looked like it does on the milk carton. I started to ask myself, "who would have a milk license plate frame on their car? I mean, usually you see a dealer frame, or something custom/personalized. Who would put a custom milk frame on their plate?" It didn't look cheap, either. It was a nice, shiny chrome-looking thing. I got as close as I could to read what it said at the bottom of the frame. Sure enough, it said "Dairy Pure," confirming my suspicion that it was indeed related to the Alta Dena Dairy. So my question was renewed; "who would go out and get a milk license plate frame and replace whatever they had with this one? W…