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I'm not judging you. I'm creating a mental picture of who you are based partly on the decisions that you make. What other valid reality can I use to determine the type of person you are than the choices that you make? Your behavior is who you are. If I'm not supposed to make my determination of where you fit into my understanding of personality types based on how you react to situations, then am I supposed to just start fresh each time I see you as though I don't know a thing about you? I wouldn't gain much from that, now would I? If each time I see you I act like it's the first time, convince myself to start at zero each time, then I won't make any progress in my friendship with you. Therefore the choices you make, they do have consequences, and one of those is that I am going to anticipate some of your future behavior based on some of your past behavior. Now if that is being judgmental, then maybe I am. But I've misunderstood the meaning of the word …

Music 104B Final Project

David Coutant
12 October 2016
The Echo (Los Angeles)
Poster Children / State to State / Batwings Catwings

Instrumentation used: two guitars, bass, drums (supplemented with drum machine) and vocals.
The first band, Batwings Catwings played simple 4/4 and 6/8 rhythms with a lot of barre chords and power. The guitars both played lead, sometimes taking turns doing solos, sometimes playing dual leads a la the Allman Brothers Band. Guitarists Ray Santillan III and Jeffrey Byron play Rickenbacker and Fender guitars with a distorted rock sound. Bassist Cindy Sukrattanawong played a Precision Bass, and she had a solid, clean sound. Drummer Clay Johnson, who formed the band in 2009, plays a standard acoustic kit of probably 7 pieces. The music was high-energy and precise. The vocals of lead singer Dana Poblete were less precise, but she sounded good for the music.
The second band of the night was local group State to State. They opened with a swirly, ambient sound that became the song Sad Ro…