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Sports rant (Lakers/Mavericks game 2)

It's looking bad for the Lakers this playoff season. First we lose two games to New Orleans in round one, & now we're 0-2 against Dallas? That game last night was embarrassing! At least game 1 we made it look good, not that that windfall of 4 points at halftime was due to great playing or anything, but hey, way to hit those FTs Lamar! 3 for 3 on the half-court-foul shots. At least we were within a couple by the end of that game. Last night we had no excuse. We could not make an outside shot in the second half. What the hell was that? We were at home even! I'm so very disappointed. I'd hate to think we've come this far just to get knocked out in round 2. If we play that badly at home, what's it going to look like when we play in Dallas?? I understand Nowitzki's fade-away shot is nearly impossible to defend against, but we could let him have those if we could just MAKE OUR SHOTS! It was close enough throughout the second half that if he made…