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Las Vegas: another nail in the gun rights coffin?

Now that we are once again visiting the topic of gun control, sadly via the only way it seems to be acknowledged, I confess to much ignorance and indecision on the subject. On the one hand I clearly recognize the FACT that assault-type weapons (fully-automatic, semi-auto with extended magazines, etc.) have no place in the hands of the average citizen. The Second Amendment clearly states that a "well-regulated militia" is necessary to protect the freedoms of the people, and I would hardly call every redneck with a pickup truck "well-regulated." These types of weapons are virtually NEVER used to great effect in instances of gun violence, where a citizen with an assault weapon stopped a criminal shooter (see this). The argument that more guns prevents gun violence is just completely absurd (see this). The argument that "criminals will get guns anyway" doesn't defend against people who are NOT criminals, but who are driven to such violence through thing…