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The Back Room

I've got a building bug. The success of the chair has given me a certain amount of confidence in my ability to achieve a goal that I've set for myself. Those square pieces of wood were stacked in that back room for months, just sitting there, mocking me, saying, "you don't know what to do with us. You're going to screw it all up. You don't even know the first step of making a chair." And they were partially right. But it turns out I DO know the first step of making a chair, or making anything, and the first thing you make is a plan. Damn, starting to get clever again.
Since I really like my chair, despite its flaws, I'm excited about my next big project, which is to enclose the back porch. Now, there was once a patio off of the dining room and hallway, and that had a roof over it, and many years ago somebody enclosed it. I'm not entirely sure how they did it, but it's got painted plywood on the outside and fake-wood paneling on the in…

Chairs & Knots and a potty.

Got a busy week coming up. I'm at work Monday, and not at work the rest of the week. I built a chair on Saturday. Felt good to get out there & bust out the woodworking tools. Got to use a circular saw, a jigsaw, drill, router with table, clamps and a framer's square. It's a pretty good-looking, very sturdy little chair. It's a time-out chair for the baby. She needs it. Boy does she. She has started to not listen to mommy and daddy at all. She's testing limits, and our patience is being pulled pretty thin. It was rather unexpected and sudden. If I had seen it coming I might have been able to prepare for it better. We'll get the hang of it. Potty training is not going well either. I will pay my respects to Kay Haas on Tuesday, going to Cirque du Soleil's IRIS on Wednesday, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and Friday I'm playing again with 13 Knots. Oh yeah, we played for the first time in almost 6 years on Saturday, after I built the cha…

Year End Ketchup

I've been very busy, working hard at the job, raising the little girl. I haven't thought about this blog in months, let alone found time to update. But I wanted to say, I've been trying to catch up on my Burn Notice addiction. Bought season 2 a few weeks ago. I'm on disc 4. Christmas is coming up fast, and I'm going to ask for seasons 3 and 4. I just really like that show. One of the things I've been updating a lot is my YouTube page, I've added many of my songs, including 3 or 4 I've written in the past few months. I'm also making a fairly regular appearance on Facebook, now that Emily and I have a computer at home, and an internet connection. I was starting to think it would never happen, but we budgeted and researched and ended up with an Acer laptop so she can take some online college classes, and I can do some marketing of my music and budding side project of freelance graphic design. I rebuilt a gate…