Chairs & Knots and a potty.

Got a busy week coming up. I'm at work Monday, and not at work the rest of the week. I built a chair on Saturday. Felt good to get out there & bust out the woodworking tools. Got to use a circular saw, a jigsaw, drill, router with table, clamps and a framer's square. It's a pretty good-looking, very sturdy little chair. It's a time-out chair for the baby. She needs it. Boy does she. She has started to not listen to mommy and daddy at all. She's testing limits, and our patience is being pulled pretty thin. It was rather unexpected and sudden. If I had seen it coming I might have been able to prepare for it better. We'll get the hang of it. Potty training is not going well either.

I will pay my respects to Kay Haas on Tuesday, going to Cirque du Soleil's IRIS on Wednesday, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and Friday I'm playing again with 13 Knots. Oh yeah, we played for the first time in almost 6 years on Saturday, after I built the chair, and everybody wants to do it again this Friday. So I'm looking forward to that. My playing and cooperation got rave reviews from other members of the band. I'd been dying to play bass again, and it did feel good. So we'll do it this one other time, then the studio we use (Pasadena Rehearsal Studios) shuts down for good. I know there are people who would be interested in seeing the Knots live once again, but so far there are not enough of them speaking up about it to book a gig. I'm pretty sure we'd all be down for it, if the chance arose. Unfortunately Xena lives in Austin now, so hasn't been able to join us, and it's unlikely that she would if we had a gig, though not impossible. She'd probably need at least one rehearsal with us, which would be easy enough. I don't think anyone's mentioned it to her yet. But again, the gig is not yet in the works, so that falls to the people with an interest to raise their voices and make it happen.

So anyway, the chair still needs sanding and painting, but other than that I think it's good. Delilah has asked me to build her a table also. First I think I will build an extended shoe rack or a cubby hole kind of shelf unit for the bedroom. The nice thing about building it yourself is you make it just the way you want it. Luckily I'm pretty good with Illustrator now and so I can plan it out real nice with scale drawings.

Welp, time to go.


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