My year in Facebook status updates

A friend of mine did this, & I thought it was a neat idea. Not being clever, just stealing. Obviously not all-inclusive, as there's still a week and a half in the year.

David Coutant is in 2010. where are you? | January 1 at 10:05am – wonders what Arthur C Clarke would think of our interpretation of his work. | January 1 at 10:08am – just saw a pretty amazing buzzer-beating game-winner by Kobe. Go
Lakers!! | January 1 at 10:19pm – is still kicking. Got 3 fillings last night.
| January 20 at 7:22am – had to do some housecleaning. no offense. | January 23 at 12:49pm – oh Catherine, you make the sun shine brighter. Oh, shine down on me
| January 27 at 7:30am – is looking for a bass player to reform the Orange Cones. | February 1 at 6:18pm – Our baby girl is 9 months old today. | February 28 at 8:30pm – says Death Penalty for John Albert Gardner! | March 4 at 1:09pm – has nothing to say. sorry to have wasted your time. | March 10 at 6:16pm – tried out for a new band tonight. I think they'll take me. | March 19 at 9:38pm – R.I.P. Edna P. Sympathy to her family. | March 27 at 11:24am – is @DaddyMunro | April 8 at 7:11pm – was watching Alice in Wonderland in 3D when that last earthquake hit. Woah, 4D! | April 8 at 10:22pm – What a nice ceremony. The grandkids actually showed. | April 9 at 8:43pm – Our clan may expand. shhh. | April 13 at 8:21pm – False alarm. :-( | April 14 at 8:09am – misses Atlanta sometimes. Good old Candler Rd. | April 15 at 1:16am – FYi the show I talked about on May 1 is postponed. We're playing tomorrow at the same place, Stardust in Downey. Sunday night, doors at 9. Delicias! | April 17 at 12:00pm – Delilah started crawling today! I'm excited. | April 17 at 1:40pm – Does anybody else think it's tacky and inappropriate that they're making Barbies with tattoos? | April 17 at 2:02pm – Pushing through another SNL (I'm old, I get tired early). | April 17 at 11:50pm – False false alarm, looks like. Hmm. | April 28 at 3:32pm – set my alarm for earlier. may get to work on time this way. what a novel approach. | May 3 at 7:17am – practice was interesting last night; 5 de Mayo Modelo, Felix on bass, new songs (including mine). I dreamed about it later. TMI? | May 6 at 7:46am – Happy birthday to my old German friend Andreas. Hope to see you again sometime. Halfman! | May 6 at 9:27am – is home sick. Don't call, can't talk. Hurts. | May 7 at 4:31pm – | May 18 at 5:38pm – Delilah's first birthday next week! She's so last year. | May 28 at 6:07pm – my little Lilah is 8,727 hours into her adventure. two teeth deep into life. | May 29 at 7:39am – sasquatch. | May 29 at 7:44am – Yeah Lakers! | June 8 at 9:23pm – Boston by 6 at the half, but we'll pull through. Crucial game tonight. Go Lakers! | June 13 at 6:13pm – Delilah is in an online photo contest Vote for Lily! | June 15 at 10:34am – Vote for Lily! We really need it this time. Look at her, she's beautiful! Beautiful Babies -- Beautiful Babies Contest
| June 23 at 2:28pm – actually, use this link. Sorry! June 23 at 2:29pm – !!!!!
| June 23 at 2:29pm – I forgot to mention, voting opens Monday the 28th. Thanks for your participation. | June 23 at 7:28pm – Today's the day to start voting. just have to find that link... | June 29 at 1:04am – Beautiful Babies -- Beautiful Babies Contest | June 29 at 4:29pm – Thanks to everyone who has voted. If you haven't, please see my earlier post for the link. I'm on my phone and can't access it right now. Thanks! | June 30 at 9:07am – keep in mind you can vote once a day if you'd like. :) | June 30 at 9:32am – Have you voted today? THANKS! Beautiful Babies -- Beautiful Babies Contest | July 1 at 11:15am – Today is another day. Thanks all. Beautiful Babies -- Beautiful Babies Contest July 2 at 11:59am – is rockin' | July 7 at 4:57pm – In case you can't find the link: GO LILY! Beautiful Babies -- Beautiful Babies Contest | July 12 at 4:40pm – baby is so miserable. Poor thing is teething so bad. | July 15 at 10:04pm – Honestly I don't think i'd mind the fleas sucking my blood if it wasn't for the itching. Can't they be gracious mooches and not leave poison behind? | July 22 at 10:37pm – has cheesecake waiting for him | August 26 at 6:49pm – I'm not necessarily proud of it. | August 27 at 10:44am – going to be filling in on bass for Guy Christiano this Thursday at Old Towne Pub in Pasadena. we go on about 10 (right after Skid Row ;o) But seriously, come on out. | August 29 at 11:29pm – My baby started walking tonight! 15 months old. it happened at 8:15, during the Emmys. Go girl! | August 29 at 11:35pm – Never mind about that show on Thursday. Sorry to let everybody down. Last minute cancellation (not on my part). If anybody needs a bass player, I'm ready to go. | August 30 at 12:47pm – She started walking Sunday during the rebroadcast of the Emmys, but it was late & dark & we couldn't get video, so this is day 2. Yay! Delilah - walking, day 2 Length:0:13 | August 31 at 1:49pm – is burning bridges | September 5 at 3:32am – taking it easy. barbecue this afternoon then a 3-day work week. ooh, then court, where I'm not the defendant (or juror) for the first time ever. | September 6 at 12:21pm – Lily walks | September 13 at 10:34am – Guess we're going to see The Social Network soon. | September 23 at 9:26pm – September 22, 2010. Me & David Martinez. Copyright 2010. Video by Orlando. BBQ Therapak's Party BBQ Party | September 24 at 1:38pm – Swear to God, this was a brand new bag of chips I had just opened. I didn't take a thing out of it. There were seriously like 14 chips in it. | September 30 at 2:24pm – saw both The Social Network and Waiting for Superman on Saturday. Several ties between the two. | October 25 at 3:06pm – why don't you sit down so we can see what's going on? (@riverscuomo live at | October 29 at 4:55pm – California Prop 19 goes down with a hazy echo of, "Aw man, voting was YESTERDAY?!?" | November 3 at 11:00am – Looking for the boy next door. | November 11 at 12:55pm – I have to change my stance on something. I've been successfully dissuaded. but also see EL POLLO LOCO El Pollo Loco is a restaurant chain specializing in citrus-marinated, flame-grilled chicken and fresh Mexican entrees in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Illinois. Franchise opportunities are available. Great tasting chicken and a healthy alternative. | November 18 at 12:44pm – Free song download from BLLT Christmas album ( I think ). the boy least likely to | November 29 at 11:54am – NASA Science News for Dec. 2, 2010 Astrobiologists have discovered the first known microorganism on Earth able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic. The microorganism, which lives in California's Mono Lake, substitutes arsenic for phosphorus in the backbone of its DNA. FULL STORY at See More New Life Form Discovered in Mono Lake - NASA Science NASA-supported researchers have discovered the first known microorganism on Earth able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic. The microorganism, which lives in California's Mono Lake, substitutes arsenic for phosphorus in the backbone of its DNA. | December 2 at 5:08pm – Here we go again. | December 6 at 12:03pm – Thinking about Elvis, got the Austin Powers theme song in my head. Can anyone find the connection? | December 6 at 12:08pm – Look at this kooky bunch I now call my family. Just try and get the people in my bloodline together & smiling in a photo. I'll take these people. | December 20, 2010 at 10:31am – Listening to the big money by RUSH. | December 20, 2010 at 5:54pm – Journey. Only the young. This traffic is unfortunate. | December 20, 2010 at 6:09pm – Can anyone give me a good reason why the company I work for should have a Twitter account? | December 21, 2010 at 4:34pm – everything is a first of some sort. | December 24, 2010 at 7:49am – Over at family's house for ham dinner. Smile. Keep smiling. | December 24, 2010 at 6:14pm – Rose; here's mine. | December 29, 2010 at 9:49am – It has been a year of all kinds of things. Happy things, other things, great things. I am thankful. Thank you 2010, may your younger sister be as sweet. | December 31, 2010 at 3:34pm – I was just announced the last customer of 2010 at Great Khan's Mongolian BBQ at Montebello Town Center. The year just keeps on giving! Feliz ano. | December 31, 2010 at 6:44pm – It's the final hour and we're doing the baby's favorite thing: watching Toy Story (3). Party. Don't think i'd want to be anywhere else. | December 31, 2010 at 11:09pm


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