Update 16 June

Delilah's birthday party was pretty great. Unfortunately I got hit with a pretty bad flu bug or something that morning, so I felt crappy all day, & went home after the party & slept for probably 18 hours. I broke a fever & had tons of snot. Over that now. I'm feeling pretty good lately. I wrote a couple of new songs, & my bro Martinez is learning one of them. I'm having fun playing them, & I've been bringing my guitar to work.
Something's wrong with Emily's car, so I've been letting her take my car for the last couple weeks & I've been driving the faulty car because I can work with it. So it's kind of nice, thinking of her in all that luxury. & her car is not bad in general, so when we switch back I don't need to feel guilty about having the nice new car again. Besides, my commute is a lot longer than hers, so I spend more time in the car.
Delilah is growing so much, she's tall, she's talking. It's getting very close to the time when we can take her with us on all of our adventures. I really want to take her to some concerts. I got an email today that the Foo Fighters are playing at the Forum in October. She'll only be 2 1/2 at the time, but she used to really like them. If she would stand for keeping earplugs in we could possibly take her.
Well, it's coming up on time to go. I've fed the fish & I've finished all my work, so maybe I'll walk out a few minutes early and take my time getting home. I'm working to reduce my stress.


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