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Kickstart my Album

So I'm putting together a Kickstarter campaign.
If you know me, chances are you've heard my song Sound. "If a tree falls in the woods..."
Hear "Sound" on YouTube
Well, I've recently written one about Newton's 3 laws of motion, and I'm mostly done with one about using the apostrophe. Now I've begun one on the nature of light.
This all amounts to what I see as an album of music for kids and young adults.
Like my song about the U.S. presidents, "The Presidents Song", I feel these songs can be helpful in remembering facts and theories and things like that. So I'm going for educational while still being entertaining, a la They Might Be Giants.
I was thinking of making a CD of these songs and then trying to sell them to the parents of the children at Emily's school. Then it all started coming together one day when I thought about Kickstarter, and how well it's working for a lot of people. So I looked into it. Sure enough, it s…