A Douche No More

I really shouldn't be here. I got myself in trouble with The Broccoli Pages back in the '90s. Something happens when I get online & I seem to say inappropriate things without really realizing it.
I call this Blog "Trying to Stop being Clever" because I don't much like the image of being the "clever guy". I used to want to be that guy, but in today's social environment that guy comes off as really douchy. Maybe it's not just today. Maybe I just don't want to be douchy anymore. You know what I think of when I think of trying to be clever? I think of Ross Gellar. & of course the poignant quote from the modern classic Fight Club: "Clever. How's that working out for you, being clever?" These things made me realize I don't want to be the Ted Mosby of my social circles. So here I am, trying to be unpretentious, honest & simple. Sometimes I slip back into douche mode because I've been there so long. Feel free to jump in & remind me if I get annoying with it.

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