Money, it's a hit

"But if you ask for a rise it's no surprise that they're giving none away."
I've taken on a whole new aspect to my job. I'm semi-officially part of the IT Department in that I have a login to the company Help Desk inbox. Yes, I'm assisting various project managers as PMAs with tasks to fix their little changes and glitches in The System. They're usually pretty good about giving me the acknowledgment and compensation for my additional and well-performed duties, & hopefully there's something in this taking-on of more responsibility and lightening the load of the specialists with their deeper understanding of programming & the like. I get to do more mundane maintenance tasks so they can focus on the overwhelming number of other things I don't understand. By mundane I don't mean to imply that it's boring or that I don't like it. It's really just that these things are a time-suckage to people who are in demand for their extensive skills, & my shallow comprehension of the way computers work generally is enough that I can perform some of the simpler tasks which keep the company moving smoothly. I actually like it quite a bit. I not only get to feel smarter because I'm learning new things, doing things for people which they are not able to do for themselves, but also I am doing exactly what they were hoping this opportunity would do for me, which is broaden my horizons and expand my usefulness in the company. It's just the kind of thing anyone would hope for in their job, & I'm lucky enough to get it and be able to do it! It's pretty exciting. Even so, it would be nice to get a decent salary bump for it. All the advancement in any workplace is really about the money, isn't it? Well, no, not really. There are two goals when moving up in a job: more money & easier work. Funny how that works out. By the time you're making the truly big bucks you're doing almost no work at all. I'm safely tucked away in the middle. So lucky.


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