The Most Common Man

As a child I often lamented the fact that i was so common. I thought of it as boring. Boring brown hair, boring brown eyes, the most common blood type. I felt like there was nothing interesting or unique about me. Well, today I learned another thing about myself that is exceptionally common. I have the most common fingerprint type. It's a short story, but I suddenly became interested in the different fingerprint types, and what they say about us. I saw one presentation which suggested that the "Arch" type print is most common among green-eyed people. I did not find any characteristics particularly associated with the "Loop" variety of print, just that it's the most common, and of course it's what I have. While this would once have been a source of grief for me, further indicating just how dull and boring I am right down to my skin and blood, I look at it now as a blessing because if I ever needed a blood transfusion I'd have no trouble finding some I could use, and if I was ever being investigated for a crime evidenced mainly by fingerprints they would have a harder time finding me because of my common-ass fingerprints. So yeah, it's all good. I don't mind being the Most Common Man.


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