Out There Beyond the Wall

I watched The Wall last night and this morning. I didn’t watch it twice, it just took me that long to get through it (for family reasons). It evokes so many feelings in me. Not to say that my life in any way mirrors that of “Pink.” But I saw it as a child (I was 11 when it came out) and it had a lot of impact on me at the time because of so much subject matter that I was only marginally familiar with, and because of the unusual, mysterious animation. It was the first time I had seen a movie which incorporated an album with which I was overly familiar. So when I initially saw it it was deeper than just seeing a movie for the first time, it already had a backstory of a sort because of the experience of hearing the album many times, and tying in the emotions that brought out in me. So when I saw it this last time it not only had the bundled effect of reminding me of when I would listen to the album in my room at my dad’s house, and when I would watch the movie with my friends, but it also had the effect of making me reflect on my own childhood the way the movie reflects on Pink’s childhood. The roaming the house alone, looking through his mom’s things, playing outside, finding the rat, the dawning awareness that his father was gone, even though he didn’t seem to have known him. So there again is that feeling of a childhood long gone, the reflection on that childhood, as well as the emotional loop feedback from remembering a childhood which included this movie which reflects on its character’s childhood, causing me to reflect on my own, which includes this movie, which includes the music which was, in its own rite, a part of that childhood: a bigger part, even, than the movie. it was kind of an emotional mindf***. I liked it. Last week it was The Flaming Lips covering the entire Dark Side of the Moon album. Different emotions tied to that one.


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