Petition to Eliminate Evil from the Universe

So, evil is bad. A petition to get rid of evil. Well, here’s what I think about that: those Frenchies and their sense o’ humor… the problem with eliminating evil includes this: human nature and (sad to say) that which makes us strive for new and better things includes the inclination to take advantage of the honest and generous. There will always be opportunistic, amoral people who will take what they do not earn and do harm to those who don’t deserve it for personal gain. Remove the evil and you’re opening up the human race to criminals who don’t yet know that they are criminals. It will start off slow, but soon we’ll be right back where we were.
Without the inclination for evil and negativity, people would become very critical of just how good others are not. The scale would become very judgmental of anyone doing anything less than the very best possible, and then what might seem like a good deed today would be seen as a social crime because of what there is to compare it to. Get rid of the worst and the next worst becomes the worst. Get rid of all the bad and the least good becomes the bad. Once stigmatized as bad, we tend to feel like there’s no point in fighting to be the best possible, so we accept and descend into the role of “worst” that has been bestowed upon us.

Evil is a trait unique to human beings. Remove that and you will lose what else makes us unique. With great power comes great responsibility.


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