OPINION: Democratic Debate 2015

CNN is sort of backpedaling about declaring Hillary as the winner of Tuesday's debate. All the reports were that she won, and now their coverage seems to imply that there was no clear winner, and that Bernie definitely made an impression.

While it's great that he grabbed so much attention with the email remark, I think I can say that we are all sick of hearing that Bernie is sick of hearing about Hillary's emails. Definitely a classy move, but he has so many more important things to be heard.

I don't see his saying he's from "a rural state" as a cop-out on gun control as some have intimated, I think it's simply admitting a certain amount of ignorance on the viewpoints of those heavily affected by gun violence. It sounded to me like he's open to discuss it and take the advice of people who know more about it, who see guns and their ownership differently than someone for whom guns were a part of growing up, a part of one's routine.

I just wish I had a better understanding of The Bern's socialism. How can we take from the rich without driving them all out of the U.S.? Who will fund our science then? Big corporations which are allowed to flourish under our capitalist society do put a lot back into the country. We can't afford to have them all move to someplace where they can avoid the heavy taxes, because you know they'll do it. For example, I'm not a big fan of Disney as a company, but they bring a hell of a lot of money into Anaheim.

O'Malley made a pretty good showing. I'd never heard of him and now I remember him.

Poor Chafee was like a muppet on Who's Line Is It Anyway? "I've had no scandals!" was so comedically delivered the entire viewing party blew up with laughter.

Anderson Cooper was great. "So you'll say whatever it takes to get elected?" Killing it.

I would have liked to hear a little more of their ideas on immigration, and Cooper could have asked the other three the Marijuana question.

So I don't know. Pretty sure I'm voting Dem. I'm very keen on clean energy. But still worried about what Socialism will do to our financial dynamic.


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