Basket Case

Delilah at Gymboree. She's taken to climbing inside of things.

Last night we went for a walk and she got out onto the porch and said, "outside."  She correctly identified the moon, cars, houses, and her umbrella stroller, which she calls her "ride."  This is such an exciting and interesting time.


  1. It's funny to look at this photo and then read about how much talking she was doing at the time. She looks just like she does now, only she has more hair, yet she was basically speaking in isolated nouns. Now she impresses me all the time with the words she knows. I remember my dad complimenting me on my use of "multi-syllabic words" and I remember asking him, "what does that mean?" He told me, and I remember thinking, well, that seems too simple. I just assumed that things were over my head, and when they turned out to be just what they sounded like I was a little surprised. And I thought to myself, "who doesn't use words with more than one syllable?" But he said he was impressed by it. Now I'm impressed when Delilah whips out a long word, but she does it all the time. There are very few things I say anymore that she asks "what does that mean?" and when she does I tell her and she understands and when I least expect it she's using the word perfectly in a sentence back to me. One of the first "big" words I remember her impressing me with was "overflow." She didn't say "spill" or "make a mess" or anything else, she said, "don't put too much in or it will overflow." Anyone who talks to her (or rather listens) will say she has a great vocabulary, especially for her age. Yeah, we did that.


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