Music As I Understand It

a class from David DM Coutant

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Basic Theory, Rhythm, Harmony, performance and technical training.

Triads? Box Figures? Pentatonic Scales? Do you know what these things are? Do you know how they apply to the stringed instruments?
Do you want to?

  • Learn that song you've always wanted to play! 
  • Impress the ladies at those beach parties! 
  • Not strongly opposed to teaching Stairway! 

You can learn basic playing techniques, rhythm, music theory, scales and exercises, care and maintenance of your instrument, use of your electronics, What Is Expected of You Onstage, and much, much more.

Learn various styles from folk (finger-picking/nylon-string acoustic guitar) to rock (light to heavy electric guitar) to funk (electric bass guitar, fingers or pick) to reggae (guitar, bass, rhythm) and more.

Learn about live performance, touring, set-up/breakdown of your gear, sound-check and what the clubs expect of you, etc.

Not a structured class, you learn what YOU want to.

Beginner to Intermediate.
Not Classically or Formally trained, but grew up with Ivan X of Tongue and 13 Knots.


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