Two Goats and a Gazelle

Our daughter is a freak. A freak of nature. Like a gazelle born from two goats. Two people who were unpopular and unremarkable (sorry Mommy) generated a beautiful, fantastic, sweet, kind, talented offspring. Sure, we're biased, but at the same time notice I said she is all these things, I did not say she is "the most" of any of them. We think so, but that would not be fact. These things I state are fact.

Okay, I realize it's only kindergarten, but today our little ray of light and hope received an Academic Achievement award for reading the most books in her class. I think my Grinch heart is going to explode from all the swelling it's doing from the pride I feel for her.

I guess us goats learned enough from our upbringing and schooling years that we have been careful to give her a life experience that will keep her happy, thoughtful and considerate, and try her hardest to learn and accomplish as much as she can.

I think that, for some people, things just come easily. For those people, they may not realize the amount of effort others have to put in to achieve any kind of success, and so when they have kids, they don't understand why they have such a hard time in school and making friends and generally getting along. Yes, things seem to come easily to Delilah, as far as friendship and getting people to like her, but I'm hoping she will remember all the effort we put in to help her succeed, and to be mindful of those for whom it is not so easy.


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