How could so much of the media be so far off that we have absolutely no idea what's really going on? The people essentially drive what makes it to the media with their dollars. Sure, there are a lot of things left out, but if the people care about it, the media covers it, and there are far too many people out there looking to call "bullsh*t" when they see it for the media to get away with too much. Redirection, distraction, one-sided reporting? Yes. Absolute flat-out lies? Rare. Underground and "revolutionary" media do exist, and they do have an impact on mainstream media. If there is a legitimate problem, it will be called out and recognized.

People who tend to believe in the conspiracy theories seem to buy into them wholesale. If you believe one, you likely believe a bunch more. So these people will refute pretty much any claim made by the mainstream, the same as they jump to extreme conclusions as "evidence" that we are being lied to and fooled most of the time. I'm sorry, but that makes you look crazy. You want to know why people won't believe the conspiracies you're spouting? Because you believe in all of them and you look crazy.

So how is it that the people who jump to extreme conclusions ("They're poisoning us with chemtrails!" "They want to disarm us so they can overthrow us!" "Immigrants will rape/murder us AND take our jobs!") tend to be on the "regressive" (read: opposite of progressive) side of politics? If you believe crazy shit, you believe IN the crazy shit it the White House. You believe the lies that people, for whatever reason, spread about government cover-ups and hidden agendas and secret plans, and you are more likely to believe the lies coming from the orange dump. Gullible, I believe they call that.

I know not all "conspiracy theories" are wrong. I, for one, believe there was more going on with the JFK assassination than history tends to support. I do, however, believe that we sent men to the moon. So while I don't think we should be so closed-minded as to believe only what we have previously accepted, and we should allow evidence to persuade us that we may be wrong, I also don't assume that anything someone says is either true or a lie based on who they are.


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