I guess it’s human nature to never be satisfied. It’s what causes us to create & invent, to strive to improve our lives. Unfortunately having millions of people all striving to make the world better in their own opinion causes a lot of clashes with other members of the human race. One idea might get a large group of followers, but that group, as they move forward with their plan, will soon run into another group whose ideas don’t fit with theirs. That’s when wars happen.
In any case, this striving for improvement begins at the individual level. The result being that if you can’t find a group who agrees with you, chances are you’re going to sit around miserable & unsatisfied.
Consider this scenario:
A man gets a job. It’s an entry-level position with minimum pay. At first he’s glad to have a job. Once he’s settled in, he starts wondering why he has to do all the dirty work. He wants a better position. If he works hard enough he moves up a notch. He’s happy for a minute that he’s moved up, but soon begins to feel that the next guy above him is no better or smarter than he is, so why doesn’t he have that position? If he’s lucky, he moves up again. This can go on until he’s in the top tier of the company, then he starts thinking, “Bill has that cool chair. I have this regular chair. Sure, it’s leather & it swivels & rocks & goes up & down & has arms & everything, but Bill’s has chrome wheels. Mine just has plastic wheels.” It’s always going to be something. Of course the ultimate prize for any employee anywhere is the pay. Salaries have become so grandiose & disproportionate that people don’t know what to do with their money anymore, so they start competing with the most absurdly rich people with their conspicuous consumption.


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