Bright Lights

Another slow day at work.  Fridays are like this a lot of the time. 
They just installed all new lighting in the office.  Awful, harsh, bright fluorescent light.  Makes everything white glow like ultraviolet.  I hope I can get used to it, or else I'll get one of those bookie eye shade things. 

Delilah still doesn't like to go to sleep at night.  Last night we ducked out to the sofa bed after she fell asleep in our bed.  She did NOT like that.  Woke up around 3:30 & screamed, when she usually just crawls out of bed & comes to find us.  I don't know what was up with her.  So I went in & changed her diaper, but she wouldn't calm down until Mommy came in & lay down with her.  Even then she wouldn't risk going back to sleep, lest we take off on her again.  So she stayed awake & poking Mommy in the eye until about 7 a.m.  None of us got much sleep.  Of course, she's sleeping like a baby now.  Oh, she'll see.  One day she'll get this back in spades.  I don't know what that expression means, but she will when her time comes. 

It's my mom's birthday today.  I think she turns 61.  She & her husband are finally moving out of their trailer!  Then they're going to move the trailer, then they're going to move back into it.  Oh well.  To each his own little piece of mobile heaven.  Mine would be a motorbike.  I'm still licensed for a motorcycle.  I'll get one again in the next few years.  Oh crap, I just looked at my license & it's two months expired.  I wonder why the DMV didn't send me anything.  Okay, so I'm not licensed for a motorcycle.  I'm not licensed at all!


  1. Follow-up: I went to the DMV website & paid the fee to renew my license, so we'll see if they send me a new one or what. I hope my insurance company doesn't get wind of this or I may not be covered right now.


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