Xmas bonus!

The little lady & I are going to make a Thanksgiving meal for my family: that is, those who have chosen to join us.  Apparently my family consists of both oil and water.  I'm like a lava lamp in the middle of it.  That's one of the things about being emotionally stable: you're expected to be understanding of everyone.  The crazy ones don't think they're crazy, & so why wouldn't I understand them?  & the other crazy ones... wait.  This is kind of a one-sided coin.  In the original story of Peter Pan there is a line where Barrie says that Peter "had a mischievous way of stealing up behind [stars] and trying to blow them out."  To this I say, stars have no backside.  You can't get behind them.  They have a top and a bottom, so like many things in life they can be flipped upside down, but even that is a matter of perspective, isn't it?  So like the stars you can't really get behind the crazy people.  Not only do they have a tendency to be paranoid, but they don't look in the directions one would expect, so it's hard to anticipate where the 'safe zones' would be.
There's only one reason I'm not as crazy as the rest of them.
Anyway, we took the baby to see Santa last night at the South Coast Plaza.  The guy running the joint (you'd think Santa would be in charge, but no, they've got some jackass immigrant in a blue shirt f*ing things up for us) was not very understanding of our plight, which was that Lils would not stop crying on the big guy's lap, so we didn't get any good pictures.  We had a real nice dinner though, up the road at The Habit hamburger grill.  Everything was good there.  The hamburger was pretty awesome (I had the double char, easy mayo), the club sandwich got high marks from the lady, & little Lilah pretty much polished off the grilled cheese, & couldn't get enough of the applesauce.  The fries were great, & not like everybody else's.  We would without doubt go there again.  Even the other customers were nice, even though we were in Orange County.  Even. 
So Emily is almost done with this semester of school, I'm almost ready to start building the time-out bench for the kid, & we think she's almost ready to know how to use it, though we're well into thinking she needs it.  I love my little family, & I do my best to tolerate the broader sense of the word.  I don't think my in-laws like me that much, except for the mother.  She thinks I'm pretty great, but she doesn't like to talk to me directly.  I'll be sitting in the living room, my wife is in the kitchen, and Linda will be sitting on the couch where I can see her & she'll call into the next room, "ask David if he wants..."  But she doesn't think a thing of walking in & butting into a conversation we're having with her painfully obvious observations.  "You don't want to go out if it's raining or you'll get all wet!"  That's not a direct quote, but it's representative of the caliber of comments she'll make.  I don't want to get mean so I'll stop there. 
Work is great; got the holiday schedule today with four paid days off.  The people I'm not that fond of are moving away from my cube.  I got free donuts just now, left over from an upper-level meeting.  Things are good.


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