T-day, upcoming movies, no luck

The Thanksgiving meal was a success.  The turkey came out real good, the potatoes were awesome, & I didn't have much else.  Not a stuffing guy.  The baby always has a great time when we go up there, running around the big living room, chasing the animals.  Speaking of animals, things don't look good for their dog, Lightning.  She suffered a stroke (or some other debilitating affliction) and she is not long for this world.  She is a really sweet dog & we will all be sad to see her go.

On other topics, I just read that Eddie Izzard is filming a version of Treasure Island.  Having just read the book for one of Emily's classes, I'm very intrigued.  I know it will be at least a year before I get the chance to see it, but it sounds exciting.  Tom Hanks' new movie Larry Crowne should be out in 2011. I & I'm sure all his other Twitter followers are looking forward to that.  Julia Roberts, Bryan Cranston, Cedric the Entertainer.  Should be good. Green Hornet might be good too.  I like Seth Rogen. 

Still no luck finding a bass player either for my band or for the cover band I'm trying to create for the carnival at Emily's school in March. 

I'm tired.


  1. Update: I hear Green Hornet is crap, but I still kind of want to see it.
    As for the bass player, Jaysson is coming back & Orange Cones will live again!

    Still tired though.

  2. Oh, and the dog did pass away. R.I.P. Lightning. A very sweet dog.


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