Fairy Tale - David Coutant - Lyrics

Fairy Tale

I asked for the hand of the sweetest in the land
and she stared frozen at me
When she got control of her tongue once more
this is what she said to me

"No one ever speaks to me" she said
"No one dares get near to me
"No one's ever asked me a question before to give me a chance to agree"
To give me a chance to agree

I asked her if she would come walk with me
across the sand and the lawn
She looked around and made not a sound
and wondered what was going on

"No one's ever invited me" she said
"I've never walked but alone
"How do we do it? Do I lead or do I follow?
"And how do we know when we're done?"
And how do we know when we're done?

I took her to the shore and we talked some more
She mostly listened and smiled
With the sunrise I blinked my eyes
and found I was alone all the while

No one ever listens to me I guess
No one was there at all
Nobody walks with me, nobody cares
but that was a long time ago

Audio on YouTube
Partial song live from Fenix 5-4 on YouTube

Copyright 2011 David DM Coutant


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