Gun Control Debate

My submission to President Obama's "Organizing for Action" website

I have not personally been affected by gun violence in my lifetime, and I support the freedom for citizens to own and use firearms, but I also feel there is no need to give access to weapons of war to the general public. I also don't believe the police should have them, because they're nothing but glorified security guards with self-esteem issues. Keep them in the hands of the military and special teams such as S.W.A.T. I believe that there is a broad line between controlling the weapons readily available to the public and a ban on guns. We can't ban guns altogether, and I don't believe anyone is trying to. Let's let the government step in and try to reign in some of this senseless killing made possible by paranoid hillbillies who don't dare take their fingers off their triggers.

(Submitted 2/20/2013)

In response to

'"One in four women" will be sexually assaulted while they are in college' sounds like a pretty scary statistic, but think about the range of things accusers would consider "sexual assault." I'm not in any way defending anybody who has their way with an unwilling participant, but is copping a feel an offense to get shot over? Some people are raised differently and their ideas of boundaries vary. I do think some women might be a little too tense about their boundaries and what constitutes a violation of them. It would be nice for men to know that they had better not mess with a woman, but perhaps a less deadly solution should be commonplace. Brass knuckles are good.

(Submitted 2/20/2013)


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